What is the importance of creativity in advertising?

Creativity is the soul of advertising. It gives life to the advertising message. Without creativity, the advertising would become boring and insignificant in the minds of target audience. Advertising agency consisting of creative team of copywriters, art directors, account planner etc. helps advertiser in developing creative advertisement.

1. Attract Attention

The creativity in the advertisement helps to attract attention of target audience towards the product. For instance, stunts performed in the advertisement of Pepsi, Thumps-up etc. helps to attract the attention of youngsters.

2. Develop Brand Image

Creativity in advertisement also helps in developing image of brand in the mind of target audience. For instance, the advertisements of dish wash bar such as Vim and Expert or washing powder like Rin and Tide, make use of special effects to show how the product cleans utensils or cloths. This has helped to create image of these products in the minds of housewives.

3. Competitive Advantage

Creativity in advertisement helps advertiser to enjoy competitive advantage over competitors in the market. For instance, Head & Shoulder shampoo enjoy competitive advantage over other dandruff cleaning shampoos available in the market.

4. Increase Sales

The sales of firm may increase due to creativity in their advertisement. For instance, due to creativity in the ad, sales of companies like Hindustan Unilever, Procter & Gambles, Nestle etc. have increased.

5. Remember Ad

Creativity increases potentiality of remembering advertisement as compared to other simple ads without any creativity. For instance, we remember the ad of 5 Star Chocolate due to characters of Ramesh and Suresh used in that ad. We also remember ad of Fevicol due to its creativity.

6. Develop Positive Attitude

At introduction stage of product life cycle, people may have neutral attitude towards new product. But because of creativity in ad, a positive attitude can be developed of target customers towards new product. For instance, within short period of time people accepted Indulekha Bringha Oil due to creative ad of it.

7. Demostrate Superiority of Quality

Creativity demonstrates superiority of product quality. For instance, ‘Jab ghar ki ronak badhani ho, diwaron ko jhag Magana ho, Nerolac…Nerolac…’ This creative jingle demonstrates superiority of quality of Nerolac paint.

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