Imagine a situation in which a character from your favourite book comes alive. Write an imaginary account of a day spent with this character.

I had been reading late because I wanted to finish the thrilling Harry Potter novel. I must have fallen asleep with the book next to me because I woke up to loud noises outside. My mother was shouting at someone. I ran out in my night-dress to see my drawing room in shambles. A boy of fourteen was standing in the middle with a magic wand in his hand, sparks were flying from the wand. My eyes went dizzy. Was it my imagination? Harry Potter, the boy wizard was standing in our drawing room. He turned towards me and said, “I have been following a notorious dragon, for some time now, I got the news that it had entered the Himalayan jungles. So, I decided to come here.”

He told us that before he could trap it with his spells, it had entered our garden. The dragon did not like being disturbed because it was taking its afternoon nap. Hence, with a swish of its tail, it had thrown our drawing room in a tizzy. He burnt the curtains and sofa upholstery. Harry saved my mother from being swallowed at the nick of time.

We sat at the charred dining table and ate a hearty lunch which mother had prepared in honour of our valued guest. Harry asked me to show him the countryside. I told him we would have to cycle because I did not have a flying car. He smiled and caught my hand and circled his wand over us, muttering his magic spell. I opened my eyes to see us sitting on a big rock on the banks of the river Tista. He told me about his various adventures which are yet to be written.

Night had fallen and mother would be worried for me. Harry came to leave me. I forced him to have a hearty Indian dinner. He loved the dessert, my mother had prepared in his honour. I went into my room, rubbing my eyes with sleep. I think Harry had tried to cast a spell so that I would forget this day, his charm had not worked on me. Thus, I was able to tell this tale!

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