If you were to write about these issues today what are some of the incidents, examples and problems that you would think of as relevant?

If I were to write about the problems faced by a housewife, I would like to make a mention of the situation that confronts her when she is middle aged. Then her children are no longer her friends but her critics. They no longer need her except for ironing their clothes or serving them tea. They have their own hectic outdoor life and have no time for her. But she needs them all the more. She touches their things in their absence and sheds a tear or two in silence. When she tries to express her sentimental attachment with them, they make fun of her and remind her that she should come out of her dreams as she is no longer young. This is the lot of every middle-aged housewife. I would also like to raise the issue of exploitation of women. In the modern advancing era the women are leading dual life as they have work for livelihood too. They suffer domestic violence. They are no safe in society as they are the victim of eve teasing too.

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