How Were the Underground Tanks Beneficial to the People of Rajasthan? Explain.

  • In semi-arid and arid regions of Rajasthan almost all the houses traditionally had underground tanks for storing drinking water.
  • They are extremely reliable source of drinking water when other sources are dried up. This is considered the purest form of natural water.
  • The tanks can be as large as big rooms.
  • The tanks were part of the well- developed rooftop rainwater harvesting system.
  • The tanks were built inside the main house or the courtyard giving cooling effect to the rooms in the summer.
  • Those tanks were connected to the sloping roofs of the houses through a pipe.
  • Rain falling on these rooftops would travel down the pipe and stored in these underground tanks.
  • Usually first: rain water is not collected to clean the rooftop and the pipe.

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