How many wives does Okonkwo have and which one of Okonkwo’s wives is most afraid of him and why?

Okonkwo has three wives. First one is Nwoye’s mother to whom Ikemefuna is handed over, she is the senior wife. Ekwefiis his second wife, who is mother of Ezinma (their only surviving daughter) because Ekwefihad delivered ten children out of which nine died. Ojiugo is Okonkwo’s youngest wife, whom he married lately, she is very beautiful and the mother of Nkechi.

Ojiugo is most afraid of Okonkwo because during the week of peace, Ojiugo provokes him to fiery rage when Ojiago visits a friend who braids her hair, she does not return home to cook the afternoon meal. Okonkwo forgets it is the week of peace and beats her. Ojiugo is the youngest wife and she is afraid of him.

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