How is HIV AIDS is Transmitted?

Basically, AIDS is transmitted from one person to another in four ways:

1. Through Multiple Sex Partners

The first cause of the spread or transmission of HIV occurs through sexual intercourse. When the person has sexual intercourse with multiple partners they can transmit HIV to each other. The sex can be anal, vaginal or oral. The husband and wife are not loyal to each other and opting for multiple partners without using any protection or unsafe intercourse may carry HIV. The male or female who is already infected with HIV may transmit it to a non-infected partner. The carriers of HIV are blood, semen or vaginal fluids which transmits HIV. The people having a habit of visiting prostitutes or sex workers are highly prone to HIV transmission.

2. Needles and Syringes

The needles and syringes which are unsterilised can transmit HIV. The needles and syringes that are already used for the infected persons and are reused for the normal person can transmit HIV. The people who give and receive tattoos and common razers used by the saloon barber also can have a risk of HIV infection.

3. A Pregnant Woman to Her Child

If the pregnant woman is already infected with HIV she can transmit it to her child. The breastfeeding mothers also can transmit it to the baby. Sometimes if the pregnant woman receives treatment for HIV during pregnancy the risk to her child may be reduced.

4. Through Blood Transfusion

The transfusion of infected blood and blood products – such as whole blood, packed red cells, fresh-frozen plasma and platelets can transmit HIV into a normal person.

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