How does Think Tank compare the Martians with the people on the Earth? What guesses are made by him about the books found on earth?

Think Tank feels that Martians are more beautiful than the people on Earth. The Earthlings have a smaller head when compared to the Martians who have great and mighty balloon brain which has made them cleverer and more intelligent than the Earthlings. Earthlings are fond of eating so they always keep eating sandwiches. Think Tank mockingly calls the Earth a meaningless place where the people are not so intelligent and brave as the Martians and himself. So, he decided to capture the Earth. Think Tank makes guesses that the books are the kind of crude refreshment stand and calls it a sandwich, or a communication satellite. On Noodle’s suggestion, chemical vitamins are taken which enable Omega to transcribe the code of nursery rhymes on ‘Mistress Mary’, ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ and ‘The Cat and the Fiddle’. All the poems make Think Tank come to the conclusion that Earthlings have a high level of civilization and that they have been targeted by them. So, decides to escape from Mars. And they go to Alpha century.

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