How does the so called ‘just and placid’ King of Melon City land himself into a difficult situation?

The King of Melon City proclaimed to construct an arch, spanning the main thoroughfare. Soon, the arch was constructed. One day the King was riding down the thoroughfare. His, Crown struck against the arch and fell off. The King felt dishonoured and decided to hang the chief of builders. The chief of builders put the blame on the labourers. The King decided to hang all the labourers. The labourers found fault with the size of the bricks. The King summoned the masons but they lay the blame on the architect. The King ordered to hang the architect. The architect reminded the King that he had made certain amendments to the plans when they were shown to him. The King found himself in a difficult situation as the architect held him responsible for the mishap. He was utterly confused. Being a just and placid King, he could not deny the charge.

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