How does Mrs. Pearson behave towards her husband after she changes her personality with that of Mrs. Fitzgerald?

When George enters the room, he is astonished to see her sipping stout as he has never seen her doing it before. He informs her that he doesn’t want any tea as he would have supper at the club. His wife tells him impudently that there is no tea ready. He is annoyed to know that his wife didn’t get tea ready for him. She laughs at his childishness and remarks that if he behaved like that the club would laugh at him even more than they do now. He is surprised to hear that they laugh at him at the club. Mrs. Pearson continues that he is one of their standing jokes and they call him Pompy-Ompy Pearson because they think he is so slow and pompous. She wonders why he wants to spend so much time at a place where they are always laughing at him behind his back and calling him names. George is horrified at the revelations. Later, Mrs. Fitzgerald visits their house. Since, she addresses him informally as ‘George’ George is annoyed. Making fun of him, Mrs. Pearson remarks it makes a little difference whether he is addressed as ‘George Pearson’ or ‘George.’ Then she asks him whether he thinks he is Duke of Edingburg. George stands against at this disparaging behaviour of her wife.

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