How does Jo show her independent thinking in the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’?

Jo is just a little girl of four years but she is very sharp, inquistive and intelligent. She suggests her father the animal whose story her father is to create. She keeps interrupting the story with suggestions about the animals the Skunk was going to meet such as owl and wizard. She is not a girl who can easily accept the things. She keeps asking questions like whether magic spells are real. She shows maturity of a young girl. She asks her mother whether spiders really eat bugs as suggested by her father. She is so bright that she catches her father when he mentions Roger Fish instead of Roger Skunk. She is very strong and sensitive and immediately protests if things do not go according to her wish. When Jack ends the story just opposite to her perception, she refuses to accept and expresses her own views and outlook and insists her father to end the story with wizard hitting the mother.

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