How do you usually understand the idea of selfishness? Do you agree with Kisa Gotami that she was ‘selfish’ in her grief? Is it natural for people to be selfish at times?

‘Selfishness’ means when a person does something only for his own benefit or thinks only about himself/ herself. Kisa Gotami was selfish in wanting her dead son to be alive. It was a mother’s love that had blinded her. She was wrong in wanting that. She could not see the reality of life. It is perfectly natural for anyone to be selfish at times. When this desire becomes harmful to others or the demands become unrealistic, it is wrong. A little bit of selfishness is there in generally everyone and it is natural to be so. As all earthen vessels made by a Potter break in the end, so is the life of the mortals. All are subject to death. We should accept this fact.

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