How Do Technical and Economical Developments Led to More Consumption of Resources?

These days, technical and economical developments gain a colossus space. The government is also focusing more on technical and economical growth to make our county a fully developed country. In this process of technical and economical growth, the resources of our country are exhausting rapidly. Technological and economical developments have led to such rapid consumption of resources because of the following reasons :

  • New and improved equipments are introduced with the development of technology, which ultimately lead to an increase in the use of natural resources.
  • The technological advancement is attributed to the growth of a developing country. People of an economically developing nation consume more resources. Hence, we can safely say that an improvement in economic development of a nation will directly result in the increase of its people‚Äôs consumption of resources.
  • Development of new technologies is widely seen in developing economies. Due to economic development, the bright minds get an opportunity to experiment with their ideas. As a matter of fact, various materials are converted in to useful resources. This creates an atmosphere, which will see a steady increase in consumption of such available resources.

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