How do Shahid and the writer react to the knowledge that Shahid is going to die?

Shahid had been under treatment for cancer for some fourteen months. Finally a day came when the doctors stopped all his medicines and gave him a year or less. Shahid had all along been aware of his approaching end, and he had made his peace with it. The writer had his last meeting with Shahid on the 27th October at his brother’s house in Amherst. There was no trace of pain or conflict on his face. Surrounded by his family and friends, he was calm and contended. His supreme consolation was that he would meet his mother in after-life, if there was after life. He died peacefully, in his sleep, at 2 A.M. on 8 December. The writer was deeply shocked at Shahid’s death. It left a void in his life. He wondered how so brief a friendship could result in so vast a void. Now, when he walks into his living room, he often feels the presence of Shahid, reading them his farewell to the world: ‘I Dream I Am The Ghat Of The Only World…..’

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