How different from usual was the atmosphere at school on the day of the last lesson?

Usually, there used to be a great bustle of opening and closing of the desks, the lesson used to be repeated loudly and the teacher’s ruler would go rapping on the table, but that day everything was very calm and quiet like Sunday morning. All the students were in their classroom. Mr. Hamel was walking with his iron ruler under his arm. Franz was frightened to enterthe class as he thought that he would be scolded badly as he was very late. But to his surprise, Mr. Hamel did not say anything to him, rather he said to him very politely, “Go to your place quickly little Franz.” After sitting in his seat, Franz noticed that the teacher was wearing his beautiful green coat, frilled shirt with a little black silk cap having embroidery on it; he usually wore this type of dress for functions or prize ceremonies. Franz noticed that the other villagers including old Hauser, the former Mayor and the former Post master were also present in class and they were sitting on the back benches.

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