How did Wanda win the hearts of her classmates at the end of the story?

Wanda was a poor girl. She had an unfamiliar name and different looks. Other students made fun of her name and called her ‘Pollack’. Peggy and other girls teased her about a hundred dresses which she claimed she had but wore the same faded blue dress. Fed up with the teasing, she left the school and went to a big city. Before leaving, she had taken part in the art competition and submitted a hundred drawings of different designs. They were so beautiful that all her classmates were amazed. They could never guess that she could be so talented. Moreover, she had proved herself right that she possessed a hundred dresses. Her classmates not only realized their mistakes but were also impressed by her creative talent. Wanda finally won their hearts when she gifted all her drawings to her class. Especially the green dress with red trimming for Peggy and the blue one for Maddie. She left tears in her classmate’s eyes. Everybody loved her and missed her. Peggy and Maddie repented for teasing and bullying her.

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