How did the Tiger King stand in danger of losing his kingdom? How was he able to avert the danger?

The Tiger King was in danger of losing his kingdom when a high ranking British officer visited Pratibandapuram and expressed his desire to kill a tiger. He was very fond of hunting tigers and fond of being photographed with the tigers he had shot. However, the Maharaja was firm in his resolve and refused permission. The officer sent a word that he simply wanted a photograph of himself holding a gun beside the tiger’s dead body. The Maharaja didn’t agree even to that. Since the Maharaja had prevented a British officer from fulfilling his desire, he stood in danger of losing his kingdom.

The Maharaja and the Dewan thought over the problem. They asked a famous British company of jewellers in Calcutta to send samples of diamond rings. They received fifty rings. The Maharaja sent all the rings to the British officer’s lady. She kept them all and sent a word of thanks. In two days, a bill for three lakh rupees came from the British jewellers. The Maharaja was happy that though he had lost three lakh rupees, he had managed to retain his kingdom.

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