How did the peddler feel after robbing the crofter? What course did he adopt and how did he react to the new situation? What does his reaction reveal?

Having robbed his lonely, generous host, the peddler felt quite happy with his actions. He did not feel any qualms of conscience that he had abused the confidence reposed in him by the crofter. The peddler thought only of his own. He was walking along the public highway with the thirty kronor in his pocket, feeling pleased with himself. But soon he realised that the police would be after him, waiting to arrest him for the robbery.

Terrified by the idea of getting arrested, the peddler changed his course and adopted a route going through the woods however, soon lost in his way. It was then that the peddler became angry with himself for getting tempted by the bait like thirty kronor and caught in rattrap like others. The reaction of the peddler highlights the predicament of human nature. Temptations lead to evil, the fruits of evil seem pleasant at first, but they deprive man of his goodness and push him into doing wrong things.

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