How did the narrator and the party face the disaster in the form of a huge wave that struck the ‘Wavewalker’?

The wave had struck the Wavewalker. Its starboard side was broken up. Water was gushing in with each wave. The narrator’s head had been smashed against the wheel and he was losing consciousness. But he hung on to the wheel. He half-swim to find the hammer, screws and canvas. He struggled back on deck. He managed to stretch canvas and secure waterproof hutch covers across the gaping holes. Much water was deflected this way. Larry and Herb were pumping like madmen. The debris was blocking the hand pumps. The electric pump had short circuited. The water level was rising threateningly. The two spare hand pumps on deck had been wrenched. The narrator worked on another electric pump under the chartroom. In this way, they fought with the disaster that had overtaken the Wavewalker.

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