How did the King try to get out of the difficult situation? Did he succeed?

The King found himself in a difficult situation after hearing the architect’s arguments. He said that it was an intricate matter and he needed someone’s advice. He ordered to bring him the wisest man in the country. The wisest man was found and brought to the Royal Court. He said that the arch was the real culprit. It impudently hit the crown which fell off. So, the arch must be hanged. Suddenly, a councillor said that it would be a very shameful act to hang the arch that touched His Majesty’s head. It seemed true to the King. He was at a loss what to do. Meanwhile, he saw the crowd was getting restless and they wanted a hanging. So, he declared that someone must be hanged. The noose was set up. It was somewhat high. Each man was measured turn by turn. But there was only one man who was tall enough to fit in the noose and it was the King. His Majesty was, therefore, hanged by Royal Decree.

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