How did Rajkumar Shukla establish that he was resolute?

Raj Kumar Shukla came from Champaran to Lucknow to speak to Gandhiji. He accompanied Gandhiji everywhere even to Cawnpore and his Ahmedabad ashram. Gandhiji asked Raj Kumar Shukla to come and meet him on a fixed day in Calcutta. But, the appointment day was several months later. When Gandhiji arrived in Calcutta, Raj Kumar Shukla was waiting for him on the appointed day at the appointed spot.


Rajkumar Shukla, the Champaran sharecropper, requested Gandhiji at a Congress Session in Lucknow, to fix a date to visit Champaran where the sharecroppers were being subjected to injustice. Until Gandhiji fixed a date to go with him, he did not leave him, rather he accompanied him wherever he went. Gandhiji was impressed by his tenacity and determination and finally agreed to go there from Calcutta.

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