How did Gandhi ji use satyagraha and non-violence at Champaran to achieve his goal?

The peasants of Champaran were in great fear of the British government because they were forced to plant 15% of their holdings with indigo and surrender the entire produce to the landlords. When synthetic indigo came, the landlords released them from this condition after demanding compensation from them. The innocent peasants agreed without realising what they were doing. When Raj Kumar Shukla told Gandhiji about it, Gandhiji visited Champaran and realized that the peasants were greatly in fear of the British. He realized that it was necessary to rid them of their fear. He started the Civil Disobedience Movement. That is why the Champaran episode is considered to be the beginning of the Indian struggle for independence as everyone realized that they could stand against the British, and they could not order them around in their own country. The farmers learnt courage and realised that they too had rights just like the defenders. Thus, the Champaran episode was a landmark and is considered to be the beginning of Indian struggle for independence.

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