How did Dr. Sadao resolve the conflict in his mind between his loyalty to his country and his duty as a doctor?

Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana remained in a state of conflict for quite a long time. They couldn’t throw a wounded man again into the sea. They thought if they gave shelter to him in their house, they could be arrested. Handing him over to the police, would have meant throwing him into the jaws of death. They were in a state of intense conflict. Ultimately, the duty of a doctor overpowered all other petty considerations. The servants revolted at the idea of serving a white man. Hana herself washed the wound. Dr. Sadao had decided to operate on Tom.

Hana obeyed her husband without a word. Hana was to give an anaesthetic if the patient needed it. The doctor made a clean and precise incision. The bullet was out. At last, Dr Sadao declared: “This man will live in spite of all.” Therefore, Dr. Sadao saved a dying man. Hence, the ethics of a doctor won over petty racial considerations.

However, at the same time, being a true patriot, he did inform the General about the prisoner. It was sheer luck that the General forgot to send the assassins and the prisoner was saved.

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