How did Dr. Sadao face the dilemma he came across in his life? What light does it throw on his character?

Dr. Sadao and Hana faced a dilemma for quite a long time. Dr. Sadao was in a fix whether to serve his duty or to show his loyalty towards his nation. As a doctor, he could not throw a wounded man back into the sea. But if he and Hana gave him shelter in their house, they would be arrested. Had they handed him over to the police that would have meant throwing him into the jaws of death. Ultimately, the duty of a doctor overpowered all other petty considerations. Both of them carried the wounded man into their house. Hana asked Yumi to wash his wounds. Yumi flatly refused to obey. She revolted at the idea of serving a white man. Hana herself washed the wound with a clean steaming towel. By this time, Dr. Sadao had decided to operate on the unfortunate prisoner. Hana obeyed her husband and followed his instructions. Eventually, Dr. Sadao removed the bullet. The man was still unconscious but Dr. Sadao declared that he would live. Thus, we see that Dr. Sadao was a kind–hearted man who performed his noble duty as a doctor. He saved a dying man. Love for humanity and the ethics of a doctor won over petty and narrow racial considerations.

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