How did Anne respond to the punishment by Mr. Keesing? What light does it throw on her nature?

Mr. Keesing Anne’s, Maths teacher, was always annoyed with Anne because of her talkative nature. So, he had given her some extra work to write an essay on “A Chatter Box”. She wrote in her essay, “Talking is a student’s trait and I would do my best to control it. But I won’t be able to cure this habit since my mother is also talkative. So moving from the inherited trait cannot be done“. On reading her arguments, Mr. Keesing had a good laugh. When the teacher gave her another essay on ‘An Incorrigible Chatter Box’. It was a punishment for Anne for talking in the class. Anne gave a message through the poem to the teacher. The teacher got so impressed by her little poem that he decided not to punish her. She made him realize his mistake. It also reflects her fearlessness, critical thinking, humility and unbiased approach as well as her creativity and humorous approach to deal with her strict teacher.

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