How is CyberPanel better than other Control Panels?

In an era where web hosting has become more accessible and subsequently, more competitive as a product, CyberPanel has managed to stand out from competition in various ways.

Firstly, let’s talk about its usability. From installation, to website management, its interface is considered to be one of its strongest features against competition. Installation is a matter of a single command and navigating the panel is just as easy due to its minimal, clean design.

Then, there’s the features lineup that makes the panel rise above its counterparts. For instance, the fact that OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed is embedded into the core offering means that you immediately get a faster website, automatic website optimisation, and effective security protection. In the panel itself, you can do one-click upgrade to LiteSpeed if you deem necessary.

Along with that comes a user-favourite, the LSCache module. With that, users can easily enable the LSCache plugins on the most popular CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento for automatic optimisation of the website, built-in page caching and speed acceleration.

Last but not least, comes security. With malicious cyberattacks becoming more prevalent by the day, it’s essential to know that any product you use comes with built-in security protocols. Fortunately, CyberPanel is packed with security safeguards. For starters, LiteSpeed’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) is considered to be top in its class.

Furthermore, OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed is bulletproof to common PHP and HTTP threats, meaning that your website is safe. When you also add the fact that SSL Certificates can be added in a few clicks to all your websites, you realize that you have an all-around protection against cyber-threats.

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