How can you say that Mr. Loisel was a simple man and loved his wife very much?

He was a petty clerk in the office of the Board of Education. He was neither rich nor distinguished. He was very simple. He didn’t have showy nature. He loved simple living, i.e., he loved simple home food, served in ordinary utensils, lived in a simple house with shabby walls and worn chairs. But he didn’t have any complaint. M. Loisel was a loving husband beyond any doubt. He was aware of his wife’s aspirations and so he thought that the invitation to the ball would please her. For that party, he offered his savings to buy her an outfit, suited for the occasion.

When she had lost the necklace at the party, without being aggressive, he sacrificed his eighteen thousand francs, which his father had saved for him without any complaints and he cooperated with her at every step to make up for the loss and arranged loans from moneylenders. He arranged thirty six thousand francs for replacing the diamond necklace. Moreover, he worked and overworked, evening and night, for ten long years after his regular job to repay the amount. And he made the necessary compromises in his life without complaining.

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