Has Sophie met Danny Casey? What details of her meeting with Danny Casey did she narrate to her brother?

No, Sophie has not met Danny Casey in person, but has seen him play football matches in the stadium with her father and brothers. When she lied to Geoff about meeting Danny Casey in person, she narrated that she had met him in the arcade. She was looking at the clothes in Royce’s window, when she spotted him standing beside her. She described his physical appearance saying that Danny Casey had gentle, green eyes and that he was not very tall. He was quiet by nature but when he spoke, he spoke in an Irish accent. Sophie said that she wanted his autograph for little Derek, but couldn’t get it because neither of them had a paper or a pen. She especially mentioned that Danny Casey did not have any girlfriend and that he asked her to meet him the following week and promised to give her an autograph.


Sophie was a teenager who liked to live in the world of fantasy. She always imagined herself as belonging to a high class family. Therefore, she imagined that she had met Danny Casey a famous Irish footballer. She liked this idea and narrated the whole incident to her brother Geoff. She told him that she had met Danny Casey at the shopping arcade when she had gone there for window shopping. Sophie told his brother that Danny Casey had green and gentle eyes. Besides, he was not very tall but quiet in nature. She did not have any girl friend and appeared very lonely. She had asked him for his autograph for Derek, her younger brother, which he agreed to, but she could not get it as neither Danny Casey nor Sophie had a pen or a paper. Therefore, Danny Casey had promised to give her the autograph if she would meet him the next week. In this way, Sophie explained every detail of her meeting with Danny Casey, which she had fantasized only.

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