Give an account of the meeting between Candida and Marchbanks? How does it affect Morell?

Morell left Candida and Marchbanks alone at home as he went out to deliver a lecture. He did so to test both of them. In the privacy of the home, Marchbanks, afraid of his own conduct, continued to recite poems for long to Candida. Candida soon lost interest in his poetry recitation. She held a poker in her hand and got lost in her thoughts. She asked Marchbanks to stop reciting poems and talk to her. Marchbanks told that the poker in her hands upsets him. He said that, if he had been a warrior of the past, he would have placed a naked sword between them. Candida failed to understand what he wanted to say by this. Thereafter, he stretched himself on the rug and placed his hands across her knees. He remarked that he felt miserable entire evening doing good things and now he anticipated to do bad things, so this had made him happy.

When he sought her permission to say ‘wicked things’ to her, then she showed no fear or indifference. With perfect respect for his passion, she urged him to say what he really felt.

Suddenly, this remark of Candida brought about change in him. He now felt no urge for physical intimacy with her. On the other hand, he experienced a heavenly bliss in her company. He said that now he is left with only one desire and that is to repeat the name ‘Candida’ endlessly.

At this point, Morell returned from his lecture and saw them in the posture as they were on the rug. Morell was shocked but controlled himself. Candida and Marchbanks got startled by his sudden entry but did not feel embarrassed. Morell told Candida that all others had gone to have supper in some restaurant. Candida left to tell their house-maid to bed.

Marchbanks told Morell that he was in perfect bliss when Morell came back and disturbed him. Morell asked Marchbanks to tell him frankly what happened between the two of them in his absence. Though Marchbanks said that he remained on the heights of spiritual love and had no other desire than to remain happy in such love, Morell’s doubts were not removed. Marchbanks declared that the reality is that neither he nor Morell deserved Candida. They should leave her and go out in search of a worthy lover for her. Morell retorted that if he left her, no one will be there to protect her. At this, Marchbanks got angry and suggested calling Candida and letting her choose between the two of them. At this point, Candida came and interrupted them. She observed that Morell is greatly upset and dejected. She scolded Marchbanks for causing distress to her husband, and even threatened him to leave their house. Marchbanks told her that it was Morell who began the quarrel in the morning, and that it was he who used force against him. Candida at once became soft towards him.

Thus, Marchbanks’ meeting with Candida in the privacy of her room was a turning point in the plot of the play. It initiated the change in Marchbanks’ character. It also affected Morell profoundly. It led to the climax of the play.

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