Give a vivid description of the events that occur in the first scene of the play ‘The Tempest’.

The royal passengers on board the ship amidst a furious storm grow panicky. Alonso, the King of Naples, gets frightened and asks the boatswain to be careful and alert and act with courage. The boatswain is hardly respectful to the King. He rebukes those persons who have rushed towards the deck out of fear. Gonzalo, one of the lords, is fearful and asks the boatswain to show patience and not be rude to the lords. Sebastian, Alonso’s brother, gets angry with the boatswain due to his rude behaviour. He curses him and says that a terrible disease might afflict him and affect his throat. He abuses him and calls him a howling dog. Antonio, another lord, loses his temper and calls him the son of a harlot. He shouts at him for being disrespectful to them. He boasts that he is not afraid of being drowned.

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