Give a few instances of Shahid’s liveliness and sharpness in repartee.

Once, the writer went to the hospital where Shahid was undergoing treatment to bring him home. He was accompanied by his brother, Iqbal and his sister, Hina. A wardboy came there with a wheel-chair. Shahid sent him away saying that he could walk on his feet. After taking a few steps, his knees gave way. Iqbal ran off to bring back the wheel-chair while they stood supporting him. When the wardboy returned with the wheel chair Shahid asked him where he was from. The man said, “Equador.” Shahid held his hand tightly and said, “Spanish, I always wanted to learn Spanish just to read Lorca.”

At another occasion, Shahid was stopped by a woman security guard at Barcelona Airport. She asked him, “What do you do ?” Shahid replied, “I’m a poet.” The woman asked again, “What were you doing in Spain ?”

Shahid answered, “Writing poetry.” Whatever the question, Shahid worked poetry into his answer. At last, the woman asked him desperately, “Are you carrying anything that could be dangerous to the other passengers ?” Clapping a hand to his chest, Shahid replied, “Only my heart.”

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