Give a character sketch of Ausable.

Ausable was a smart, intelligent man who was an expert secret agent. He was fat and sloppy. He spoke in an American accent which he had brought from Boston twenty years ago. He could speak French and German but possibly he was a spy who dealt in espionage and danger. He had a very important paper for which several men and women had risked their lives and even Max had come for that paper. He was quick-witted and had a great presence of mind. He cooked up a police story and of the balcony to befool Max. The story was so convincing that Max jumped down the window. Not for a moment did he think that it might be a fabricated story. In other words, he proved to be quite dangerous for Max, though he had a great sense of humour when he talked to Fowler. Ausable was very witty and fabricated stories on the spot with the presence of his mind. He narrated stories in such a cool manner that everybody believed him and nobody suspected him even once.

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