Give a brief account of the author’s visit to the medical college at Darchen and the effect of the Tibetan medicines on him.

At first the author was impressed neither by the building of the medical college nor the Tibetan doctor. The building looked like a monastery. The consulting room was dark and cold. The paraphernalia of a doctor. The dotan himself appeared like any other tibetan in a thick-pullover and wooly hat. He had no white coat on him. The author explained his sleepless symptoms and sudden aversion to lying down.

While feeling his pulse, the Tibetan doctor asked the author some questions. He diagnosed his illness as a cold and effects of the altitude. By now the author had developed some confidence in the doctor. He asked if he would recover enough to be able to do the Kora. The doctor assured him that he would be fine.

The doctor gave him a five day course of Tibetan medicine in fifteen screws of paper. The after breakfast package contained a brown powder. The author took it with hot water. The lunch time and bed time packages contained small spherical brown small pills. They looked like sheep dung, but the author took them. He found the medicines quite effective. After his first full day’s course, he slept soundly at night.

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