What are the functions of the municipal corporation?

The functions of the Municipal Corporation includes wide variety of duties to be performed by the corporations to ensure overall development of the city i.e. economic, social, health and sanitation, infrastructure etc. The functions of Municipal Corporations are classified as obligatory and voluntary. Some of them are listed as follows;

Obligatory Functions

  1. Sanitation of hospitals, roads, maintenance of drainage of city,
  2. Water supply for public and private purposes,
  3. Providing healthcare facilities, public vaccination and prevention of diseases,
  4. Establishing hospitals, child and maternity welfare centres,
  5. Providingstreetlights,cleaningofgarbagesfromthecity roads,
  6. Registration of birth and death,
  7. Maintenance of bridges and public buildings,
  8. Providing primary education by setting up schools,
  9. Naming of streets and numbering of streets and houses,
  10. Maintaining and managing electricity supply,
  11. Providing transport facilities to the city.

Voluntary Functions

  1. Constructing and maintaining public parks, gardens, libraries, museums, swimming pools, recreation centers etc.,
  2. Providing shelter to old, street children, destitute, orphans etc.,
  3. Survey of buildings, lands etc.

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