What are the functions of Socialization?

Socialization inculcates basic discipline and aspiration, provides individual identities, teaches social roles and their supporting attitudes and skills. Some important functions of socialization are as follows:

1. Help in Sublimation

Socialization helps the individual to channelise and direct its biological impulses into culture patterns. A father of Psychology, Sigmund Freud call this process as Sublimation e.g. every as civilized society will object to rape and murder in direct form. But as they are indirectly depicted in arts or films, it becomes cultural activity and are accepted and appreciated in the form of art or culture.

2. Individual Role and Status

Socialization prepares the individual for his role and status in a society and for that helps to learn appropriate set of beliefs and values, attitudes and behaviour patterns, requisite skills and knowledge.

3. Transmission of Heritage

Socialization transmits the contents of cultural heritage from one generation to the other and maintain continuity of it.

4. Personality Development

Socialization enables the child to learn certain behaviour, attitudes practices, values etc which are required to be the part of personality development.

5. Self-Awareness

Socialization develops certain abilities and traits i.e. intellectual, social skills, self worth and emotional qualities etc.

6. Cognitive Abilities

Socialization helps in the development of the cognitive abilities like reasoning, remembering, perceiving, calculating and believing.

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