What are the causes and consequences of Frustration?

Frustration is a state of mind when the person doesn’t achieve expected goal successfully. Thus, a person is said to be frustrated when his goal-directed behaviour is blocked or thwarted by obstacles.

Causes of Frustration

1. Environmental Forces

They are the external sources and may be physical or social. e.g. locked door, lack of money or car giving trouble when someone is in a hurry to get for an important meeting. Socialization and obstacles are started immediately after birth which create frustration in the life of the person.

2. Personal Frustration

They are the internal factors. e.g. handicapped, unattractive appearance, low intelligence, physical weakness etc. generates frustrating feelings.

3. Motivation Conflicts

The conflict of motives creates conflict frustration. e.g. An angry person can’t vent his anger because of social disapproval.

4. Frustration Tolerance

The people having poor ability to tolerance may get immediately frustrated for little things.

Consequences of Frustration

Frustration can be resulted into following three actions and reactions:

1. Aggression

Person may become rude, show aggressive behaviour.

2. Regression

The person may have tendency to go back to earlier and more childish forms of behaviour. He is now dependent and lacks confidence due to frustrative situations.

3. Withdrawal or Avoidance

The person may not be facing the situations again to avoid frustration.

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