What are the different forms of regionalism in India?

Regionalism can be expressed in many ways which threatens the homogeneous character of our society. The forms of regionalism are as follows:

1. Demand for Separate State

Regionalism is sometimes responsible for the demand for separate state. Many times the discontented people wanted to split from the nation or state and ask for their independent separate state. This may be on the basis of linguistic, religious, economic backwardness etc. e.g. demand for Khalistan, Bodoland, and recent demand for the independent separate state for Vidarbha. The Jharkhand, Uttaranchal, Chhattisgarh are the states created to due disparities in various aspects in those states.

2. Inter-State Border Issues

Regionalism also leads to the inter- state border issues which the priority to nation is neglected. e.g. Maharashtra-Karnataka border issue is still not resolved and the people in Belgaum faces certain problems.

3. Inter-State River – Water Disputes

Many times, one river flows through more than one state because the water doesn’t know the borders. The states then have quarrels about the sharing of water among themselves. The Cauvery and Krishna river water issue between Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala is very burning issue. It was only Supreme Court of India could try to pacify the people from the bloody riots. The river water of Ravi-Beas among Haryana and Punjab, Yamuna water between Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, UP, Rajasthan and Haryana was sorted by an accord. These river water problems to be tackled if one studies the Water Policy divised by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar during 1940s as a Labour Member of Vicesoy’s Council.

4. “Sons of the Soil” Policy

Due to regionalism the people are asking for the welfare of the sons only who are born in particular state. The opportunities for employments, starting small scale occupation and benefits of social welfare policy of the respective state Government must be given to the native citizens of that state. e.g. Maharashtra, West Bengal, Assam they demand for son’s of the soil policy and agitate to expell the migrants from other states even by violent ways.

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