What are the features of Low Involvement Product (HIP)?

Low involvement products, as the name suggests, are products where the consumer need not to think too much before purchasing the product. There is not much risk involved in low involvement purchase, as a result of which decision making is much faster. Most FMCG products can be classified as a low involvement product.

Features of Low Involvement Product (HIP) are:

1. Low Price

Low involvement product is generally of lower price. As the price is lower, the consumer does not think multiple times before making the purchase. Eg. Soap has a very less price and mostly all soaps perform the same function. Hence, Soaps are low involvement purchase.

2. Not Much Differentiation

There is no much differentiation in low involvement products. Eg. Products like Coca Cola and Pepsi or Bisleri and Aquafina do not have much differentiation in their features. If Bisleri is not available, the customer will buy Aquafina or any other mineral water brand that is available.

3. Low Risk Factor

As the price is lesser so there is no risk involved in the purchase of low involved products. So a consumer does not get heavily involved in the purchase of such a product. Eg. A consumer will think very less while purchasing chips or chocolates.

4. Brand Switching

Because there is not much differentiation and as the risk in the purchase is minimal, there is heavy brand switching wherever Low involvement purchases are involved. Customer might not stick to one single brand and they will keep checking out new brands in the market.

5. Availability and Distribution

Availability of the product is a major criteria for purchase decision making. Eg. A customer wants to have ice cream but his favorite brand is not available at the store. He will easily buy another brand. He might not like it as much as the favourite one, but it will be ice cream and he will enjoy it. The customer will not wait for the availability of the branded ice cream only. Thus, the better the distribution of a low involvement product, the more is the sale.

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