What are the main features of the company secretary?

1. An Individual

Only an individual can be appointed as secretary of a company. A firm, Corporate Body, an institution etc. cannot be appointed as secretary.

2. An Employee

A secretary is a paid employee in the company. But he/she holds an important position in the organization.

3. Qualification

The secretary of a Joint Stock Company must be a member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

This is essential qualification required to have by Company Secretary. Other qualification required by Company Secretary is command over language as well as knowledge of office management, correspondence, Account and Finance, Technology and so on.

4. Qualities

Along with educational qualifications, a secretary need to have certain qualities such as accuracy, promptness, tact, courtesy, leadership, loyalty, punctuality, sound judgement etc. This enables him/her to discharge his/her duties efficiently.

5. Duties

A company secretary needs to perform various duties which include correspondence, administration, convening meetings, statutory functions, assist in formulating policies, financial functions, providing information etc.

6. Appointment

The first secretary is appointed by company promoters. Thereafter, company secretary is appointed by the Board of Directors of a company by passing resolution in Board Meeting.

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