What factors should be considered in the selection of an advertising agency?

An advertising agency is a service organization which performs the function of preparing, planning and checking advertisements for its clients. Much care has to be taken in selecting the agency of the choice of a particular organization.

Some of the factors taken into account when choosing an advertising agency are:

1. Creativity

Creativity is an essence of advertising. Hence one of the most important factors considered while selecting an advertising agency is the quality of creative services offered by the agency. Creativity depends on the quality of the creative personnel that is copywriters, artists, art directors, painters, etc. The advertiser must judge the agency’s ability to generate and develop new ideas for his advertising program.

2. Services Offered

The advertiser must consider the range of services offered while selecting an advertising agency. Some agencies especially smaller ones provide limited services, while larger agencies offer wider range of services. The advertiser must compare services offered by various agencies and select one whose services he thinks will be satisfactory and profitable.

3. Specialization

Some agencies are specialized in certain lines of business. Such agencies attract clients having special needs. Foe example, some agencies are specialized in financial advertising. Advertisers dealing in financial products may prefer such agencies.

4. Remuneration

The cost of the services rendered is a very important factor to be taken into account while selecting an agency. The fees charged are not uniform, i.e. it differs from agency to agency. The advertiser must compare the rates of different agencies while selecting an agency. The payment may be in terms of commission, lump sum fees, etc. These have to be discussed before entering the contract.

5. Reputation of the Agency

The past record & reputation of the agency in the field of advertising must be considered. Information about the agency can be obtained through conversations with the media owners and other advertisers. Further, other factors such as financial standing, successful campaign of other clients handled by the agencies in the past, client turnover, agency client relationship must be considered.

6. Location

Many advertisers prefer an agency having a branch office located close to the advertiser’s office. This enables them to have a quick and economical communication with the agency. The agency can follow the client easily. Thus it offers convenience to both, the advertisers and agency.

7. Other Clients

The advertiser must not approach an agency that handles competitor’s advertising programs. This is due to confidential nature of business; the secret information provided to the agency may get disclosed.

8. Media Connections

An agency which has better contacts with media owners must be selected. Such an agency is in a position to book the desired time and space in the media. Moreover, it can also get media packages, the benefit of which is passed on to the advertisers.

9. Accreditation of the Agency

Some advertising agencies are accredited by the Indian Newspaper Society, Doordarshan and All India radio. Accreditation gives professional status to the agencies. They enjoy better credit to the media owners. They pass this benefit to their clients. Moreover, such agencies have to follow the code of ethics laid down by the media owners. Thus the client is likely to get a minimum standard of the advertising campaign. This suggests that such agencies must be approached.

10. Size of the Agency

A large sized agency may provide a wider range of services and facilities. Advertisers prefer larger agencies because they are benefited due to experience, reputation, and media connection of the agency. Moreover, this is an age of mega agency.

11. Initiative and Involvement

An agency that anticipates a client’s needs just before the client does should be preferred. In other words, an advertising agency that takes keen interest and initiative in the work of its clients must be given preference. Such an agency may be able to study its client’s problems and also suggest measure to overcome them.

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