What are the advantages and disadvantages of face to face communication?

Face-to-face communication takes place when two or more people meet personally.

Advantages of Face-to-Face Communication

  1. It is a combination of verbal and non-verbal factors. This makes the message more effective, due to the use of paralanguage and body language.
  2. Immediate feedback is possible.
  3. The speaker can modify his message immediately if the receiver‘s response tells him it is necessary. The receiver can also ask questions and clear his doubts immediately.

Disadvantages of Face-to-Face Communication

  1. Face-to-face communication is difficult to practise in large organisations where there are many people in different departments, and in different places.
  2. It is not effective when the receiver does not pay attention to the message.
  3. It is not effective when the gathering consists of too many people.

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