Exploitation is a universal phenomenon. The poor indigo farmers were exploited by the British landlords to which Gandhiji objected. Even after our independence we find exploitation of unorganised labour. What values do we learn from Gandhiji’s campaign to counter the present day problems of exploitation?

Exploitation continues in unorganised sectors, such as farm workers, construction site labourers, house maids or helpers at ‘dhabas’ who are paid too little for the quantum of work done. Gandhiji showed us the way to counter the present day problems of exploitation. He helped Champaran sharecroppers by infusing courage and freedom from fears. He taught them to be confident and self reliant which in turn enhanced their self esteem. By fighting against injustice by non-violent ways, Gandhiji proved that if the cause is just, then one must not fear anything, only rely on oneself. After Gandhiji made the British landlords refund the sharecroppers’ money, the Indians realised the Englishmen, who acted as their lords were not indispensible. Therefore, when the peasants came together to demonstrate outside the courthouse the British officials found themselves powerless. In a violence-ridden world, he taught the sharecroppers to move towards their goal in a united and tolerant manner. As a result they won their fight against injustice and became self-reliant. These values helped them improve their quality of life and bring relief to present day problems of exploitation.

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