Explain With Examples the Role of Print Culture in the Bringing of the French Revolution.

Three different arguments were put forward in connection with the print culture and the French revolution.

The print culture spread the ideas of the great thinkers like Voltaire and Rousseau. They criticized tradition, custom, superstition, despotism and the authority of church. They wanted rule of reason, questioning and rationality. Debate and dialogue started due to the coming of the print culture which resulted in the re-evaluation of the values, norms and the institutions. This had brought the idea of social revolution. The morality of the royal powers were criticized and the social order was questioned.

The cartoons and the caricatures revealed the sensual pleasures of the monarchs and the hardship of the common people. Hence, the people stood against the monarchy.

It is not true to say that the print culture was the direct cause of the French revolution. The print culture spread the ideas but people were reading different kinds of literature in which people like Voltaire and Rousseau were also exposed. The people interpreted the things in their own way as they accepted some ideas and rejected others.

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