Explain the Resources on the Basis of Origin and Exhaustibility.

Resources on the basis of origin :

  • Biotic resources: Resources obtained from the environment are called biotic resources. For example-trees, animals and insects.
  • Abiotic resources: Resources obtain from nonliving things present in our environment are termed as abiotic resources. For example-earth, air, water, metals, rocks, etc.

Resources on the basis of exhaustibility:

  • Renewable resources: The resources which have the ability to renew them over period of time or can be reproduced by physical, chemical or mechanical processes are known as renewable resources. For example-solar and wind energy, water, forest and wildlife, etc.
  • Non-renewable resources: Resources which cannot be renewed or reproduced by any physical, chemical or mechanical process are known as nonrenewable resource. For example- water, wind, tidal energy, etc.

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