Explain the Reactions of the Indian People Against the Rowlatt Act Passed Through the Imperial Legislative Council in 1919.

In the year 1919, Gandhiji organized a Satyagraha against the Rowlatt Act which was passed hurriedly by the Imperial Legislative Council despite the opposition by the Indian members. He planned a non¬violent Civil Disobedience against this Act which would start with a hartals on 6th April 1919.

The Rowlatt Act gave enormous power to the government for repressing the political activities. According to this Act the government can detain the political prisoners without trial for a period of two years.

Against the Rowlatt Act rallies were organized, the railway workshop workers went on strike and the shops were closed down. The British administration got alarmed and were scared about the disruption of the communication lines such as the railways and the telegraph. On 13th April 1919, a huge crowd was gathered in the Jallianwalla Bagh.

This infamous incident resulted in strikes, clashes with the police and the government buildings were attacked. This reaction of Indians was brutally suppressed by the government as the Satyagrahis were forced to rub their nose on the ground, crawl on streets and do salute to all the Sahibs, people were beaten up and villages were bombed.

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