Explain the reaction of Dr. Sadao’s servants when he decided to give shelter to an enemy in the house.

Dr. Sadao’s servants were not at all happy and where scared when they came to know that their master had decided to give shelter to an enemy in the house. The first reaction came from Yumi when Hana told her to wash the white man. She bluntly refused her when she saw the man. Hana herself had to wash him. Their anger grew day by day. They felt that their master should not help the white man as they might get arrested for helping an enemy. They were also concerned about Sadao’s children. Gradually, they started growing more watchful. They would have discussions on what their master ought to do. They deliberately had one such discussion when they saw Hana within reach of hearing it. They felt that they could not stay in the same house where an enemy had been sheltered. They felt it was unpatriotic. So finally when they thought that their master was not going to let that man get arrested, they decided to leave his services. One morning when Hana came out, she saw all of them ready to leave. But she didn’t stop them. She paid then their dues, held her head high and let them go.

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