Explain the naturalisation of humans.

Naturalisation of humans refers to the human condition when human actions were dictated by nature. It is also called ‘environmental determinism’. In the early, or rather primitive, stages of very low technological development, humans – who were unable to understand the forces of nature – were afraid of nature’s fury and worshipped it. They lived their lives in complete harmony with their natural environment, and viewed nature as a powerful force, revered and conserved it. They directly dependent on nature for resources to sustain themselves. For such societies, the physical environment becomes the “Mother Nature”.

But over time, humans began to understand the forces of nature with the help of advanced technology. They began to move from a state of necessity to a state of freedom and began to create new possibilities with the resources obtained from the environment. The imprints of human activities are now created everywhere. Slowly, nature is being humanised or it is already.

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