Explain how directing helps in effective and efficient functioning of the organisation.

Directing is the process of instructing, guiding, controlling, motivating and leading people in the organisation to achieve its objectives. It is concerned with influencing the behaviour of human resources.

1. Integrated group activity: The organisational goals can be achieved only when individual efforts are integrated. Directing integrates employees’ efforts in such a way that every individual effort contributes to the organisational performance.

2. Helps to implement changes: An organisation operates in a changing environment. A proper system of direction helps in motivating employees to take up challenges in new situations. Directing helps the organisation to become dynamic and responsive to the new developments.

3. Initiates action: Direction sets an organisation into motion. Through directing, other managerial functions are initiated and activated. Directing helps the management to supervise, communicate, lead and motivate people at work to function in the desired way for achieving organisational goals.

4. Directing attempts to get maximum out of the individuals: Every employee has the potential and capacity, which needs to be harnessed by the superiors. By using elements of direction, i.e., Supervision, Motivation, Leadership and Communication, the efficiency of employees can be raised through wilful co-operation.

5. Brings stability and balance in the organisation: Directing fosters co-operation and commitment among the employees and helps to achieve stability and balance among various groups, activities and the departments.

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