Explain any four psychological barriers to effective communication.

Some of the psychological barriers are as follows:

1. Premature evaluation: Some people have a tendency to form a judgment before listening the entire message. This is known as premature evaluation. This type of evaluation distorts understanding and acts as a barrier to the effective communication.

2. Lack of attention: Inadequate attention to the message makes communication less effective and the message is likely to be misunderstood. Inadequate attention may arise due to the preoccupied mind of receiver and the result is nonlistening of the message.

3. Loss by transmission and poor retention: When communication passes through various levels in the organisation, it results in loss of or transmission of inaccurate information. Loss of communication is more in case of oral communication. Poor retention is another problem. Usually, people cannot retain the information for a long time if they are inattentive or not interested.

4. Distrust: Lack of mutual trust between the sender and the receiver acts as a barrier to effective communication. When the parties do not believe each other, they cannot understand each other’s message in its original sense.

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