Explain any five points which highlight the importance of controlling.

Five points that highlight the importance of controlling are:

(i) Accomplishing organisational goals: The controlling function measures progress towards the organisational goals and brings to light the deviations, if any, and indicates corrective action. It, thus, guides the organisation and keeps it on the right track so that organisational goals might be achieved.

(ii) Judging accuracy of standards: A good control system enables management to verify whether the standards set are accurate and objective. An efficient control system keeps a careful check on the changes taking place in the organisation and in the environment and helps to review and revise the standards in light of such changes.

(iii) Making efficient use of resources: By exercising control, a manager seeks to reduce wastage and spoilage of resources. Each activity is performed in accordance with the predetermined standards and norms. This ensures that resources are used in the most effective and efficient manner.

(iv) Improving employee motivation: A good control system ensures that employees know well in advance what they are expected to do and what are the standards of performance on the basis of which they will be appraised. It, thus, motivates them and helps them to deliver better performance.

(v) Ensuring order and discipline: Controlling creates an atmosphere of order and discipline in the organisation. It helps to minimise dishonest behaviour on the part of the employees by keeping a close check on their activities.

(vi) Facilitating co-ordination in action: Controlling provides direction to all activities and efforts for achieving organisational goals. Each department and employee is governed by the predetermined standards which are well co-ordinated with one another. This ensures that overall organisational objectives are accomplished.

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