What are the effects of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is the use of alcoholic beverages to the extent that it repeatedly exceeds customary dietary use or ordinary compliance with the social drinking of the community and interferes with the drinker’s health, interpersonal relations, or economic functioning.

1. Loss of Control Over Impulses

As alcohol is a depressant which reach to the brain within eight seconds & hence the person loses control over his impulses.

2. Loss of Control Over Movements

Always we find that the drunkard does not walk steadily and loses control over his bodily movements. There can be exceptions.

3. Experience of Reduced Cold, Heat and Pain

The drinker may feel reduced cold, heat and pain in a state of drinking but may feel it adverse after coming out of it.

4. Harmful Physiological Effects

The alcoholic may face ulcers to stomach, internal bleeding, damage to heart and liver. It may also damage brain cells, weaken person’s concentration, memory and sense of judgement. The person may commit suicide.

5. Disorganisation of an Individual

According to Japanese proverb – “First the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink and then the drink takes the man.” By this proverb the alcoholic is totally disorganised.

6. Disorganisation of Family

The family members are suffered due to alcoholics i.e. husband wife clashes, beating of wife and children, poverty etc.

7. Community Disorganisation

The Alcoholic person can also embrace the habits like visiting to dance bars, prostitutes, gambling houses which are not approved by the society.

8. Accidents

Accidents are possible due to heavy drinking by the drunk driving or road side accidents are occurred.

9. Weak Memory

Weakening of memory and intellectual ability.

10. Improper Behaviour

Aggressiveness, hostility and reckless sexual behaviour is taken place due to the drinking habit.

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